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Maybe you combed through my entire website and still have a few questions, check out the frequently asked questions below!

If you still have questions about your desired permanent makeup service after reading through my website, write them down and schedule a consultation!

Microshading is a procedure in which a semipermanent makeup is applied to your eyebrows using pigment ink and a handheld tool. Tiny, pin-like dots are placed over the brow area to fill in thin spots. This technique adds shape to your brow and uses a powdered effect to add fullness.

I use a high grade numbing cream to make you comfortable during your procedure. Most of my clients have little to no discomfort, however pain tolerance can vary from client to client. You may experience a bit of added discomfort during your menstrual cycle, so please plan accordingly.

In traditional tattooing, pigment is added to the third layer of the skin, where as with permanent makeup, pigment is added to the second layer of the skin. This creates a final result of a soft blend of color to the tattooed area.

You do not need one unless you have had previous work done. If you have a specific question after reading through my website you are more than welcome to book one as well, however I do book enough time to discuss your needs/wants at your first appointment. If you are in need of correction work or have had permanent makeup done already, you will NEED to schedule an in-person consultation.

It will be $40 per consultation appointment and that fee will go towards your permanent makeup service if booked. Consultation appointments usually last about 30-45 minutes.

Initial appointments typically take 2-4 hours depending on your procedure. I block this time for our discussion, designing process, numbing, tattooing of the pigment process, and then the aftercare.

Your Follow-up (“Retention Check”) session is scheduled 10-12 weeks later, takes about 2 hours, and is the same process as above.

Multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve your desired results.

Follow these steps to book your procedure:

01. Read ALL of the of the contraindications and details under the Information page.

02. Fill out my contact form here.

03. You must send in photos of your current brows, eyes, or lips-Depending on which procedure you are booking. Email to AND don't forget to include your name.

04. After I have confirmed the first 3 steps, your procedure, and appointment date/time- A non-refundable deposit must be made to secure the booking. This will be applied toward your total fee.

Possibly- I require that anyone who has had their brows done previously by another artist schedule an in-person consultation before booking an appointment. This way I can see what I would be working with and then we can discuss your options. 

I require 48 hours notice to make any changes to your appointment. Please understand that if you are going to be 10+ minutes late to your appointment, we must reschedule.

Keep in mind that I have a waiting list and sometimes I am booked out 4+ weeks in advance so please schedule appropriately and only cancel when absolutely necessary.

The longevity of your procedure's results will depend on many factors like skin type, long term care, color intensity, lifestyle, etc. You can expect pigments to become lighter over time, similar to traditional tattoos. I recommend a touch up every 12-24 months as needed.

I am SO excited you have chosen to trust me with your permanent makeup needs!

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